Seaqueen’s Cartomancy Handbook: Reading the Lenormand

I created the Learning the Lenormand Cards Handbook as a teaching tool for an upcoming workshop I plan to teach later this month. I am offering the specially designed Handbook  print-on-demand for the Limited Edition.

If you are interested please visit  jozefaCreations for more details. It’s free to join & you can view a detailed listing about the Reading the Lenormand cards Handbook. Also, you can contact me there.

AVAILABLE to Order:  February 18, 2011. SOLD OUT

The revised edition is work in progress —> 2016. 

12 thoughts on “Seaqueen’s Cartomancy Handbook: Reading the Lenormand

  1. Hi Madame Seaqueen!

    I am interested in the book, as well =)
    But the problem is that I live in Brazil… are you willing to send it to places outside North America?

    Thank you so much!

    • Hi Saturness:
      Thanks for your interest. For more detailed information click ETSY
      BTW Etsy is an arts & crafts website, free to join. You can email me from there. The 1st Limited Edition of the Lenormand Handbook is hand made, printed & comb-binded by me & my helpers. Happy Cartomancy.
      April 28/11 UPDATE: The 1st printing is sold out. I will do a 2nd printing. There will be only 6 Handbooks offered. I would gladly ship to Brazil and the shipping is $16.95 (based on size/weight). 🙂

  2. Hi Madame Seaqueen,

    I would like to order your book but was unable to send you an email on ETSY as emails are addressed both from and to me even though I have registered on that website. Please advise how to continue with the ordering process. Thank you!

    • Hi Annie: Thanks for asking. The handbook will be available in the Fall. This past summer was very busy and I did not find the spare time to work much on the edits. I will make an announcement on the blog as soon as the 2nd limited printed is ready.

  3. Please add me to your list of when your book is avail again… when is FALL ? what months..sorry in Oz here… cant figure when that is… keen to order yoyr book, cant bleeive missed out first run…. thanks K

  4. I recently received “Reading the Lenormand Handbook: Seaqueen’s Cartomancy Handbook Series”! First, l it was illustrated with my favorite deck which made it easy to relate to! Another thing I really like was that she provided her insights on each card, plus the suggested meanings of several key combinations for each card. At the end of the book she provided several spreads and how to read them. These included the 3 Card Answer Layout, The Trigger Layout (which I had never seen before), and the Grand Tableau. Finally, the handbook has an extra page for each card so you can write notes as you read your cards. I recommend that everyone add this handbook to their collection! Thank you again for this great resource!

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