“Shustah 3 Card Reading”

Male Client F has been experiencing lower back pain for several years. There are no other jobs Client F can do within this organization. He is worried about his age for retraining & his financial position.  I thought this very straight forward question could be best answered by the Pages of Shustah© deck.

QUESTION:  Will Client F get pensioned off as a result of his current medical state?

The Strange Page...The Lord of Authority...The Coins.

CARD 1 – Yellow 11. The Strange Page

Card 1 describes the premise of the question.  The card falling in the first spot will give you a good idea as to the introductory energy brought in surrounding the question. Yellow cards suggest creativity, gain and spiritual awareness.

The Strange Page – This is a card of low self . It also means a  visitation. I think in Client F’s case the entire premise of his question came quite unexpectedly. He was prepared to go to work but his employer told him that they did not have any jobs which could be identified as modified.  Client F was told not to come to work.

Another meaning is unexpected company.  Client F did have an unexpected meeting with his employer as a result of not being given lighter duties.  The Strange Page does not reveal his hands in the image. This means “things” are being hidden from Client F, perhaps an ulterior motive of the company he works for.

CARD 2  – Red 14. The Lord of Authority

Card 2 describes the situation or the problem which can be one in the same.  The card falling in the second spot will reveal opposition if there is any with regards to the question.  This spot will also expand on external influences or the actual reason for asking a question.  Red cards indicate adversity, troublesome energy, seriousness and disappointments.

The Lord of Authority stops you in your tracks. The message of this card is, “not my will, but Thine be done”. The situation is out of Client F’s hand and it has a destiny of it’s own now.  The ball is rolling and there is no turning back. A problem does exist and decisions will be made by people in a much higher position than Client F.

The Lord of Authority in this case points to jumping through hoops.  Client F cannot move closer to a resolution because he has voiced his concerns about his back pain & the hoops involved are company policies.

I think there will be many delays before the final card materializes but Client F is already prepared for this.

CARD 3   – Yellow 10. The Coins

Card 3 describes the result or answer to the question. There are 2 cards in the deck which say a definite yes or no. There are several which strongly suggest a yes or no. The rest provide additional turn of events prior to getting an answer.  The third spot will give you a pretty good idea how the question will unfold.

Here’s the question again.

Will Client F get pensioned off as a result of his current medical state? As I wrote for card 1 Yellow cards suggest creativity, gain and spiritual awareness.  Right away you will know something positive will come out of all of this.

The Coins is a very promising card. It is probably one of the best cards for increase.  Financial increase & emotional gain.  Of course, Client F will experience a piece of mind with the increase of money.  To answer this question I would have to say there is a lump sum of money coming to Client F.  If he gets pensioned off, as they say, it will definitely involve a bundled amount of money.

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