Magisches Lenormand

I was so excited about receiving the Magisches Lenormand from Germany. The cards are breathtakingly beautiful. Included is the LWB with the German meanings of the cards and instructions for layouts. Credit goes to Sandy Pfütsch and Gabriele Büttner. The artwork is simply amazing!



Magisches Lenormand

3 thoughts on “Magisches Lenormand

  1. I tried to order on their website but apparently they do not ship to the United States. Do you know of another distributor or website that I can contact my email messages undeliverable.

    • Hi Bryan:
      Thank you for your comments. I’m glad you are enoying the content on the blog. Yes, My Cartomancy Handbook: Learning the Lenormand Cards is available for purchase as a special limited edition. Stay tuned to the next few posts for the announcement. The Handbook is self published print-on-demand by me and my little helpers.

      Too bad they don’t ship to US? Do you ever look through eBay Germany, maybe with a bit of luck you might find the deck there. It truly is a beautiful deck. Or you could write to them.

      Happy Cartomancy. Seaqueen.

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