Lenormand RING

25. RING – Commitment on all levels.  Suggests a verbal bond.  Coupled with the LETTER card can mean a legal obligation.  The essence of this card is cycles and all cycles have high and low stages.  The neighboring cards will explain the type of conditions involved.  With the HEART card plus other confirming cards- an engagement.  Near the BEAR card –financial contract.

25. RING

The Lenormand RING binds adjoining cards. This influence can be both positive or negative.  For example, when coupled with the SCYTHE the ring’s continuity is broken or severed.  If the RING didn’t bind with the SYCTHE the break would not have happened.

The RING card can predict a marital situation especially when coupled with the HEART.

When near the SHIP the suggestion would be a pre-paid round trip.

Traditionally rings are a symbol of love but rings are given for other reasons as well.  A ring can mean you belong to an organization, group or educational institution.

When reading this card try to determine if in fact there is a love situation and if there isn’t then you will need to tap into another meaning of this card.

The Lenormand RING suggests some sort of identification (binding) with neighbouring cards. What circumstances have been brought together? Who are the players in the situation?

When interpreting the RING card it is important to figure out who or what is being brought into the circumference of it’s influence.

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