Lenormand PARK

20.  PARK- Positive influence.  All things creative & entertaining such as casino, art gallery, musical concert,  etc.   Being out in public.  To be exposed- publicity..  Coupled with the COFFIN card can suggest a cemetery. With the TREE card – a healing retreat, spa. Surrounded by negative cards can point to slander. Near the LADY or GENTLEMAN card- a person that is an extrovert, someone who likes to be center of attention.

In a Reading:

The PARK card is positive and fast approaching energy.  However, this energy is a bit flirtatious and will not last long. It is one of those stand alone cards you don’t mind seeing in a Layout. Sure coupled with a challenging card the meaning will be modified but initially it is not negative.

As an adjective to describe a person the planet Venus & the sign Libra comes to mind.  Love of the finer things in life. Fashioned taste buds. Acquaintance of many. Depth of friendship with only a few.

This card says Don’t Be Shy & Mingle with the crowds.

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