Play time with the Lo Scarabeo Tarot

I received the Lo Scarabeo Tarot the other day in the mail.  I wasn’t too pleased that I had to pick it up at the post office. After all, I did pay for shipping and delivery to the door. A notification from the delivery person was hanging on the mailbox a mere two feet from the door bell. The person did not ring the door bell or knock.  I know. I was here.  Did I complain to the delivery company? I was going to but, in all honesty it would not change a darn thing and besides I was happy the deck finally arrived.
Putting aside all the traditional meanings in Tarot I am going to read the Lo Scarabeo cards based on the images and suits.

About the cards: Each of the 78 cards sport a border. Within the borders are 6  languages naming the cards. The color scheme is soft but with a good mixture of shades within each card.  The deck is a bit more slender than the Rider deck or so it feels.  I haven’t actually measured them or looked it up online.

The images of the Lo Scarabeo Tarot are displayed for the purpose of this article and for their subtle beauty. Excuse the poor quality of the image my camera phone is not high quality but my camera has issues right now.

I especially like the Queen of Swords


Queen of Swords


Below is an image of the 4 cards selected

Simple Reaction Layout

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