The Transparent Oracle

I was thrilled to receive an early Christmas gift from my son this morning.  The Tansparent Oracle by Emily Carding.

The set includes 70 transparent circular oracle cards, the 128 page companion guidebook and a white reading cloth.

I am excited to try out my new toy (as I call all decks I haven’t got in my card collection) and will do a Reading in the next post.

Transparent Oracle

Here is a 3:26 minute video displaying the Transparent deck possibilities

3 thoughts on “The Transparent Oracle

  1. The Transparent Tarot and Transparent Oracle are two decks that I was not expecting to like very much (I was afraid they’d be gimmicky), but I absolutely love both of them – to me, both of them possess an unmistakable integrity and their design is genuinely creative and innovative. My readings with them have been quite revealing (as one might expect from transparent decks, LOL).

    Have you read with your Transparent Oracle deck yet? What a lovely present to have received from your son!

    • Dear Bonnie,
      Thank your for your comment. I haven’t had a chance to play with the Transparent Oracle yet. I wanted to wait until I had a proper camera to take the photos when I merge the cards. Hope to post a Reading in early January. And speaking of that. Happy New Year 2011. Jozefa Seaqueen.

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