Karma Cards- 3/5 card & book set from used bookstore

Earlier this year I found some real treasures at a used book store.  The Karma Cards set is one of those treasures.  The cards are illustrated by Linda Garland and the book is devised by Monte Farber.  The  36 cards and 96 page book cost me about $8. Well worth the price due to the mint condition.

The Karma cards are divided into 3 sets.  *12 Planets. 12 Signs. 12 Houses.

The way to use this deck is to arrange 3 piles according to the sets above*.  The Planet cards have a violet border. The Signs cards have a gold border. The Houses have a turquoise border.  Each pile is shuffled separately until you get the feeling to stop and at the same time you think of your question.  My question:  What is it I should know at this time?

Next: Turn over the top card in each pile.  After you have selected the 3 individual cards read the panels according to what type of advice you seek.  Taken from page 17 of the book, “what you should do about a situation – red panel”, want to know the outcome of a situation-blue panel, and so on”.  You can do just 1 card draw Reading as well.

The cards have 3 levels of interpretation.  S- SPIRITUAL, M- MATERIAL, P- PHYSICAL. They can be read upright and in a reversed position depending how you shuffle each pile.

Note: each panel has part of a sentence. When you read across the 3 cards you  end up having a sentence.   🙂

Below are the cards I selected.



SPIRITUAL ADVICE: There will be dedication to achieve personal power.

MATERIAL ADVICE: Success from focusing on the mysteries of Life.

PHYSICAL ADVICE: Benefit resulting from the rules imposed by a major change.

Pretty cool Reading.

My next few posts will feature The Transparent Oracle by Emily Carding.  An early Christmas gift en route from my #1 son.



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