Symbolon guidance

Magician. Caring. Matter & Spirit.

…Every once in awhile I pick up the Symbolon deck to seek guidance when other card systems aren’t up for the task. Excuse the poor quality of the image…

After all the excitement which occurred over the last 3 days I found myself thinking about my parents tonight especially after I dreamt of dad last night. Too bad mom and dad aren’t here in human form to share the joy of meeting Baby Connor.
I’m in one of those moods – soul searching & looking for answers relating to my parent’s sudden departure within the last 6 months.  I don’t know what answers I think the Symbolon cards will tell me but I know I will learn something.
As I shuffled I asked, “what is it I am suppose to learn from the death of my parents in such a short time”.

Position 1:  Magician (found on page 52 LWB)

The Problem or Issue:  Apparently I’m under some kind of spell.  My own magical powers will return from the past despite the fact I may feel like a victim of  a “sacrifice”.  There seems to be some chains I need to release which are holding me back. That all makes sense so far.  I need to come into my own power and let go of some of the chains of memory.  This does not mean to forget my parents this means to live life according to my own standards.

Postion 2:  Caring (found on page 40 LWB)

Awesome advice from the booklet.  The way through this spot I am in and the questioning I’m doing is to take care of myself. To look after my own emotional well-being.  Being predisposed to taking on the role of a caregiver I gave my time & energy to others more than to myself.

Position 3:  Matter & Spirit (page 70 LWB)

From this final card I should be able to find the guidance I am seeking.  Many times this last card tells you something you would rather not hear.  Advice never seems to be sugar coated in this deck.

This card could be interpreted to be a business.  That really makes a lot sense as well because I had a number of projects on hold like the handbook I’m writing and new website with services/products.  The little white books speaks of Spiritual Creations.  That fits in, too.

I think it is important to read each card in all three position to gain a better understanding of the cards’ meanings.

My understanding of the Matter & Spirit card is that when you move to another spiritual level of development you lose ‘something’ or ‘someone’ in the process.  This can be viewed as a lesson.  The greater the Spiritual leap the greater the lesson.

The death of 2 parents is a mighty high price to pay (suggested in last card) to move up the ladder of Spiritual enlightenment. Most of us are aware the highly enlightened are also highly detached to experience and memories.

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