moonlit love

Mystical Lenormand Moon


A lot of Card Readers associate  love with the Moon.  Love can be felt very deeply by some of us.  Love is often a hidden emotion not fully realized yet.  If you are aware of  your love for a person you could be experiencing the shadows of the Moon.

Things are not what they seem under the Moonlight. Our eyes can play tricks on us. We might imagine all kinds of things and feel more intensified emotions.  Many of our loving encounters happen when the Moon is in the sky.  It’s easier to hide from the truth.

When the Moon card appears as an answer to a love question it indicates that some additional reflection is needed.   It might be time to explore your feelings a little further.  Getting the Moon card as an outcome isn’t necessarily negative. It merely means you need to discover the truth about the situation.

2 thoughts on “moonlit love

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