timing events

April 27, 2010 Reading

Question: Will Client A.  get an offer for his property before the end of the summer?

Card 1:  Green Open Door

An offer will come in for the sale of the property.  There will be a limitation or condition to this offer.  This green card promises positive developments. Start your plans to move by ‘falling in love’ with another house or piece of property no matter if there are no feasible offers at this time for your own property.

Card 2:  Green Angel of Spring

Archangel Raphael forecasts new beginnings. She is telling you to expend your energy into thinking about what you want from your new home.  She will bless you with what you need as long as you start preparing for the relocation. This does not mean just packing your belongings you should start putting in offers for other property.

Card 3:  Blue Divine Horse

This blue card’s influence provides you with profound protection in the success of selling your property.  You will be content and experience great happiness with the way things turn out. You will get what you need. The Divine Horse reinforces a positive answer to the question.

The time frame of July 20 – August 20, 2010 will be significant.

By the looks of this Reading interpretation Client A. should have made some important headway during the timeframe of specified in the Reading.  It is my understanding some major decisions were made close to the date span which involved travel to scout for a new residence.

Client A. did not sell his property during the timeframe mentioned but I think there were other decisions which needed to be anchored prior to the full benefits of the Blue Divine Horse energy.


Often the timing of events can be misunderstood. The Universe knows when the right time for manifestation will occur.  When you get a card in the outcome/results spot which gives you a positive influence it is best view the card from a number of angles. If it appears as though the Reading does not come to pass during the timeframe posed in the question don’t doubt your delineation ability.

The process to the result/outcome is just as important.  Maybe other issues needed to be addressed first.

I am fully confident in this Reading analysis & believe the Blue Divine Horse works in collaboration with the Universe’s plan to provide what is in the highest good of Client A.

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