Tarot advice reveals true feelings

I did a post on July 20, 2010 for Lady H.  She was asking a relationship question.  I used the Rider Tarot deck to gain some perspective on her question

Yesterday I received a follow up telephone call from Lady H. In the Reading she was facing a dilemma concerning a past romance and a potential opportunity with another male (Gentleman H)

Here is a quote from the 5 card layout suggesting insight into her dilemma regarding these 2 males.


In the recent spot the 7 of Swords suggests Lady H might be trying to move at a rapid pace in regard to the gentleman she is asking about.  The Swords are not an emotional suit even though at times it feels like it. She wants to take off from a previous situation (2 swords in the background) but does look back to see if the are still there and stuck in the ground the way she remembers.  In other words, looking ahead still wanting what she had.

“Still wanting what she had”

Lady H  married the man she already had.


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