Kipperkarten Long Way


The LONG WAY card suggests an outcome is at a distance. Don’t expect a speedy answer or result involving a situation or person.
You could be waiting a long time for a goal to be fulfilled or a dream realized. There probably won’t be many exciting changes.  Long Way reminds me of the Constancy card in the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten deck.
Sometimes a long time is good particularly if you are asking a question about longevity.  If someone is sick and this card comes up it would suggest they would be in a similar state for a long time.  That may not sound too good but if there is a progressive disease involved like cancer then I see it in a more positive light.
As far as relationship questions Long Way suggests a long engagement. It can indicate your current relationship will be the same old thing for a number of years without much drama. That in itself shows stability, however, if you are the type of person who needs variety or excitement you could become seriously bored.

On the other hand if you are single you will most likely be inclined to remain single.

The same would apply to work/career questions.  When will you get promoted? It is highly unlikely a promotion is forthcoming for at least 24 months.  Will I change my job?  The same advice applies.  This doesn’t mean you should stop trying especially if there are cards which change the energy of the Long Way card.  The reason for this is because it is a Neutral energy.  The card can be influenced by other more stronger & positive cards.

Long Way can also mean you will receive something from a great distance.  It may have been sent by train or boat 🙂 instead of  an airplane.

It depends what kind of layout you are using.  If you are doing a full board reading (using all the cards) Long Way might be in a central position.  If it is the last card in the last column then it will definitely be a long wait.

The information below is based on a full board reading using all 36 cards

LEFT: When falling in the past section of a layout or behind the card which represents you (or person getting the Reading) it is evident that a long wait has already been experienced.  Then the Long Way card’s influence becomes a thing of the past or in passing stages.

RIGHT: A period of patience will be needed because the future may not provide you with the opportunities you are seeking unless as I stated before a stronger card follows Long Way.

ABOVE: The energy of the card suggests your thoughts are on a person or situation which is taking way too long.  For example: why isn’t so and so giving me an answer to my invitation.

BELOW: Whatever you are waiting for will only be experienced for a day or two.  You could be expecting a telephone call or email that same day…so you wait for it.  It should happen within 48 hours.

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