Red 3. Separating Fence. Shustah Deck.

The post of the Minchiate Tarot will be postponed for a little while because I want to write about one of the Pages of Shustah© cards. I am beginning to really understand Red 3  in more depth and would like to share my findings with you.


I have asked numerous questions using the Pages of Shustah deck at various times when I needed guidance. These cards are one of the best oracle decks when seeking profound insights. If you don’t want to know the truth then don’t ask these cards because they WILL  answer your questions very directly.

About 1 month ago I asked if my dad will come home from the hospital. At the time the circumstances were very promising for his release. He has been hospitalized intermittently over the past 6 months. When my mom died so tragically late May of this year I was in shock for a long time and I think that I still am.

Over the last 3 weeks my dad’s condition is getting progressively worse and the Separating Fence card held the answer. Coming home is out of the question now.

I asked a second question which I struggled with but asked anyway. You may already know what I was asking and it’s true I did but I had a certain holiday in mind.  I drew this card again.  In experiencing the prior question and now knowing how the situation evolved I feel saddened that this is the answer again.

In order to verify the second question I will have to wait for the holiday to near and only then will I state that the Separating Fence card was correct again.

This card talks about separation but it is also a ‘no’ or ‘not possible’ answer.

I spend many hours with my dad and watching his process. It is one of the most excruciating experiences one can go through without busting at the seams.  Losing a loved one in a sudden death is one thing but watching a loved one slowly leaving is heart shattering.

I hope the readers of my blog will understand that my posts will continue but not so frequently during this time but then again I am not certain. In the past I found great satisfaction writing articles no matter what was going on in my life.

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