Relationship question using Tarot cards

LADY H. asked:

was looking for direction/guidance regarding Gentleman H.

and what I need to know.”



The question is rooted in transformation. Changes in Lady H’s life have contributed to this type of relationship question. I know little of Gentleman H other than the fact she had met him previously in the past. The Death card could suggest a rebirthing of a past connection with him.

In the recent spot the 7 of Swords suggests Lady H might be trying to move at a rapid pace in regard to the gentleman she is asking about.  The Swords are not an emotional suit even though at times it feels like it. She wants to take off from a previous situation (2 swords in the background) but does look back to see if the are still there and stuck in the ground they way she remembers.  In other words, looking ahead still wanting what she had.

There is someone in Lady H’s life who is represented by the King of Pentacles.  We can look at this card in position 3 to indicate a male who is financially focused with goals for advancement. This could describe Gentleman H or it might describe another man that she is casting aside.

The 9 of Pentacles advises Lady H to rely on herself. Gentleman H cannot provide too much depth at this time.

The final outcome suggests she will revisit the past and that her emotions are still tied to someone other than Gentleman H.  The direction this scenario will take is a reevaluation of Gentleman H. As far as a relationship developing which is what I think Lady H was really asking I think a good time can be had.  At this stage it is a bit premature to plan a life around Gentleman H.  It is too soon.  Overall, there will be no hard feelings.

4 thoughts on “Relationship question using Tarot cards

  1. Hi Jozefa,

    What if the advice to follow card is the officer? My question was “what do I need to know about my work?” I’m self-employed, do tarot readings and just started learning the Zigeuner deck. I’ve always been excited to learn a new deck/method of divination. I work a hotline nearly daily and have private clients as well, but not on a daily basis as much as I would like. I began this work after becoming an ordained minister, hypnotherapy certification, past life regression certification and energy healing training. I’ve been doing this work professionally since 2008, but it’s mostly readings and rarely any of these other services.

    I did the 5 card spread. 6 Ecclesiastic, 17 Letter, 24 Merriment, 27 Officer, and 35 Widow.

    Then, I laid under these cards my Tarot, 9 wands rev., page swords rev., Ace pent, 6 cups rev., and knight cups rev.

    What struck me first off was how similar the the last two cards of both decks were. The knight of cups reversed can represent emotional lonliness just as the widow can….

    My son is now 20 and I’m trying to get him living on his own. In fact, I am deliberately moving to a small apartment so he will have no choice. I know it will be better for us both, but at the same time, these past 4 years have been emotionally sad for me as he’s become more distant and disagreeable as compared to his childhood and early teen years when we did a lot of things together. Maybe that is the emotional lonliness?

    I am not unhappy being single. Having been in disastrous relationships I am savoring my freedom. I will be open again someday to a relationship but not now.

    If you could help me interpret this “what do I need to know about my work” spread, I’d be so greatful. You know it’s a little harder doing oneself. 🙂 Thank you and blessings to you.


    • Hi Hilary,
      Thanks for sharing. Interestingly the Tarot are all reversed. Did you mix the deck or did these cards all come out reversed? Sometimes reversed cards indicate the energy is blocked. The energy needed to answer the question.
      I take it each spot has no identification just 5 cards straight across in both the Zigeuner and Tarot, right? (Oh I see you are using the layout in the post you just commented on…)
      I’m going to do a tutorial post on these cards soon. It’s a good way for other’s to learn the Zigeuner & the Tarot reversals. Stay tuned ……. Seaqueen

      • The Ace of Coins was not reversed. 🙂 Thank you for your quick reply. Yes, the Zigeuner were all right side up, and both spreads were identical, 5 cards straight across. Thanks for your insights in this. 🙂

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