Question from Tina

A question from the comments section. My suggested interpretation is beneath Tina’s quote.

dear Madame Seaqueen,
I would need your help to understand this card.All the time I have trouble with The Clouds card.I use French deck,the lighter side is on the left,the darker side on the right.
I did 5 cards spread for a friend and this card was the last one.

KEY+ Bouquet+ Letter+ Fish+ Clouds

the question was : “Will I get married with X.?”

it bothers me the last card because I really don’t know if I should interpret in a positive way according the direction of the brighter side of the card.If I would follow this rule than I would say this girl will get married with X.All problems will dissipate and she will get her desire especially that The Key card appears in the spread but also it mirrors the Clouds card.
Can you help me with this?
thank you

Your analysis of these 5 cards is very insightful.  The suggested meanings for all 36 Lenormand cards can be found at the following —->LINK.
33. KEY – Opens and closes the doors to knowledge about people and situations.  Mostly a positive influence in that it will lead to some sort of resolution. Coupled with the SCYTHE card –leads to a dead end. With the COFFIN card points to new directions in solutions.
9. BOUQUET – A gift or token of appreciation. Fond feeling towards you. Generally a favorable outcome regarding a situation.   As a person, (Queen of Spades) suggests a more mature female who generally is without a partner. Don’t worry be happy – the outcome is usually good.
27. LETTER – Covers a vast amount of areas –the written word.  Easy enough to figure out by looking at the nearby cards.  News, announcements, memos etc.  Coupled with the BIRDS card juicy gossip.  With the PARK card an invitation to a gathering or party.  Near the CROSS card- disturbing news.  When the SCYTHE & COFFIN cards are  involved – obituary.
34. FISH – The money card. As a person, (King of Diamonds) can suggest someone that is connected to the financial filed. Connected to matters that are fluid.  Coupled with the PARK card- a nightclub or bar.  With the CHILD card – a growing bank account, money spent on things pertaining to children.  Near the SCYTHE card can indicate coming into some loot quite unexpectedly.
6. CLOUDS = As a male (King of Clubs) he would be someone that is pessimistic.  In a situation the suggestion is to brace yourself for some rock n roll of your emotions.  Hectic. Disappointments.  A cooling off period.


I think X is and will be concerned about the overall financial (fish)situation.  There are fond (bouquet) feelings for the lady in question. The key card offers hope as you stated.  The dark side of the clouds card in the French Cartomancy deck does point to the right at the end of the spread which leads me to think the issue is not directed to marriage.  The message of the cloud card is a minor alert however there are no strong negative cards in the layout that point to a definite no.  More time is needed in the unfoldment of this relationship.  As far as a definite yes answer regarding marriage I don’t see it addressed until X sorts out his finances.

Open discussions (letter) are important about intent to marry. Does X know the female is thinking of marriage or is that her wish?  Sometimes females think one thing and males are not on the same wavelength.  Honest communication about marriage is recommended.

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