Treasure find- 2/5 card & book set from used bookstore

The Lovers’ Tarot by Jane Lyle published in 1992. I was surprised at the size of the Major Arcana.  I love them.  I have Jane’s Fortune Teller’s deck/book set which I use all the time when I do Readings which are non Tarot.  I use my own meanings for the beautiful standard deck of cards which were passed down to me through my Hungarian/Slovenian lineage.

The accompanying 160 page book (For Affairs of the Heart) is in mint condition as are the huge cards.  Another lucky find- the original version.  After doing some research I found out there is a new edition which includes all the Minor Arcana cards as well and a 208 page accompanying book. The cards I have measure 5″ x 8 3/4″, same as the book size.

The retail value of this original set was $32.95.

The book contains a full page description of each Major Arcana card.

The categories include:

About You– the gift, the challenge.

About your Partner-the gift, the challenge.

About the Relationship– the gift, the challenge.

About the Future– the gift, the challenge.

SAMPLE CARD:  Illustrated to show the fantastic artwork and give a brief overview of the set .  More images HERE.


2 thoughts on “Treasure find- 2/5 card & book set from used bookstore

  1. i have this deck, i had to order it in from the USA (i’m in Aust)
    it is beautiful and worth the purchase. great to use for parties or gatherings as they are large for the non tarot reader customer,to view as i go through the reading. i usually use only 3 cards at a gathering. this deck is lovely.

    • Hi Kelly:
      Thank you for the comment.
      Great idea about taking this deck to use at parties/gatherings. It certainly is large enough to be viewed by the person getting the Reading done while it is being interpreted. I’ll have to take them the next time I do a group of people. 🙂
      Jozefa Seaqueen

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