more on Ishbel’s Egyptian Tarot

I was approached by a friend to use the Ishbel’s Temple of Isis Egyptian Tarot to pose a significant question involving the success of a potential real estate transaction.

I leafed through the LWB and decided to do the Window of Time layout. It looks very interesting and would be quite a detailed Reading surrounding the question.

The Minor Arcana is not labelled with the exception of the Court cards. The Major Arcana is clearly marked with many recognizable names.  A bit more about the suits of this style of Tarot.

The Suits:  there are no images on cards 1 – 10.

Crooks- (hooked staff) Blue background, connected to the Air element or the intellect similar to the Swords suit.

Flails- (whip)Red background, connected to the Fire element or the soul similar to the Wands suit.

Sebas- (cross with black circle)Yellow background, connected to the Earth element or the physical body similar to the Pentacles suit.

Lotus- (water lily)Green background, connected to the Water element or hidden feelings of the heart similar to the Cups suit.

Thinking of male J’s question I shuffled the deck on his behalf and laid the cards out according to the Window of Time layout instructions in the booklet.  Continued in the next post.

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