Ishbel’s Egyptian Tarot Reading 3/3

The next 5 cards represent the future.  The god HAPI oversees these cards’ influences as well.

Card 11:  This card is the future attitude towards the question.

NINE SEBAS:  Male J’s future attitude will be affected by the outcome of tomorrow’s meeting. There is a suggestion within this card that a loss could occur.  Loss comes in many ways. In real estate matters prices are dropped all the time and hopefully an emotional decision can be avoided.

Card 12: Future social pressures and challenging influences.

TWO SEBAS:   Compromise and change.  I think there will be a teeter totter effect from the other person or even from male J.

Card 13:  Future which is under male J’s control.

NINE LOTUS:  An interesting card.  In the traditional Tarot this card would be the 9 of Cups – the wish card.  The write up is similar and it points to excess of a good thing.  I feel this card is positive and that male J will be satisfied.

Card 14:  Destiny of future forces.  This might be the answer to the question in a nutshell.

MOTHER FLAILS:  This card suggests something is jaded.  The energy is negative.  Male J might have a run in with a female who holds her position firmly.

Card 15: Future hopes and fears.  See card 6 in post 1/3 to find out the current hopes and fears.

MA’AT:  goddess of truth. We all should live in harmony and when we don’t we experience aspects of guilt. There is a time and place for everything.  It appears as though male J will follow his heart . His current hopes and fears showed a peaceful mind with regards to the question.  The message of this card is to do the right thing.

In conclusion:  The Window of Time layout would be an excellent spread to do for questions which are relationship oriented. I think this layout is not created for simple yes or no answers which is what I think male J. was hoping for.

In my study of these cards I get the feeling there could be some sort of changes occurring with or surrounding the meeting. A disappointment in some respects. If in fact, the meeting is a success and a deal is secured I can’t help but feel some undercurrents.

I’m sure I will find out the answer and I will post the outcome.  I don’t mind sharing my interpretations on these cards. Since it is my first time working with this deck I’ll give myself some slack.   🙂

One thought on “Ishbel’s Egyptian Tarot Reading 3/3

  1. hello Madame Seaqueen,
    I am very impressed by this reading.I wonder if you would like to post the diagram of The Window of Time layout (I’m not familiar with this deck and I can’t figure out the postion of every card).
    Thank you very much

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