Ishbel’s Egyptian Tarot Reading 2/3

The next 4 cards represent the ‘operations’ involved in achieving the future from the current circumstances. In continuation…

Card 7: The decision male J. needs to make to solve the problem/issue or to get what he wants in the future. Remember the strength of Thoth in all of this.  See previous post.

BES:  god of war, birth/death and art, music.  Here we talk about duality- balance is vital no matter how tempting the influence.  This card suggests male J. should decide to put on a happy face and plunge forward in a very confident manner.  It is important to believe that the outcome will be exactly as it should be.

Card 8:  The action male J. needs to take.

FATHER LOTUSES:  The ideal father who will shield his family out of love. I think what this card is saying is that male J. should look at his desire to accept the potential offer on the real estate.  A protective approach against a seemingly good offer on the real estate should be taken.   This is not to say it may not be a good offer (at this point in the Reading).

Card 9: Sound advice with regards to male J’s decision and action.

BUTO: Cobra goddess. This card references a disappointment.  This could be because of male J’s decision and action.

Card 10:  Aspects of the decision (card 7) and action (card 8) that male J. should keep hidden or to himself.

SAVIOR FLAILS:  The warrior.  I think the warning of this card is for male J. to keep a lid on a ruthless approach. He can be skillful in how he handles the meeting or meeting outcome but should remember …the end justifies the means.

The god HAPI is overseeing these 4 cards.  Once again what male J. wants to happen may not be in keeping with what HAPI know to be in his best interest.

The last 5 cards represent the future.  Continued in the next post.

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