Ishbel’s Egyptian Tarot Reading 1/3

My dad is taking a much needed nap so I hope to finish this Reading in one post while he snoozes.

The Question:  On behalf of male J. Will tomorrow’s meeting with the potential buyer result in the real estate being sold?





Ishbel’s Temple of Isis Egyptian Tarot

Card 1: Guiding principle & energy surrounding the question.

None of the cards in this deck are numbered. Looking them up in the LWB takes a lot of time. I think I will add the numbers myself when I get a chance especially with the Minor Arcana because you need to count all the symbols.

HAPI: God of the Nile.  I had to laugh when I read the meaning of this card because it reflected precisely how male J. had felt throughout his task of selling the real estate.  “although the querent may curse this period….it is given as a reward to refresh him…Hapi is asking male J. to consolidate his position before he faces further lessons.  What I get from all of this is that Hapi’s energy is quite positive but patience is required throughout this process.

The first 5 cards following card 1 represent the current situation which is past triggered.

Card 2: Current attitude/energy towards the question.

SAVIOR CROOKS: Information or pleasing news. Can foretell change of residence and/or departure on some journey.

Card 3:  External influences working against the question. Can be positive or negative.

THOTH: god of Wisdom.  Male J. doesn’t need to worry because the gods will guide him in the best possible sequence of events.  What male J. wants may not be the same as what the gods think is in his best interest.  All in all this card is a very enlightening influence.

Card 4: What male J. does control currently.

ONE LOTUS:  He has the power of magical love.  I think if male J. accepts the outcome from tomorrow’s meeting before it actually happens his strength of love will overcome anything.  At this point we do not know the outcome of the Reading yet.  Well I know it 🙂 because I see the layout.

Card 5:  What forces control male J. (karma, destiny, etc.)

OSIRIS:  god of life and reincarnation. Interesting.  This card suggests the current issue with the real estate is a matter of karma & the debt must be paid-there is no evasion.

Card 6: Hopes and fears in regard to the question.  The current state of mind.

TWO LOTUS:  male J. is at peace with the world despite the frustration involved with the sale of the current real estate.  The card suggests he is in a strong relationship which could have been a problem had it been the other way around.  Many couples break up or have needless anxiety when problems appear especially something as important as relocation.

The next 4 cards represent the ‘operations’ involved in achieving the future from the current circumstances.  Continued on next post.

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