Treasure find from used bookstore- 1/3 decks

Ishbel’s Temple of Isis Egyptian Tarot, 1989.

There are 78 cards in nearly perfect condition with the LWB of  62 pages. Once again I cleared the deck from the previous owner’s energy although I get a great sense she gave her treasures away to the used bookstore because she had a knowing.  Like for instance, someone like me would benefit from her donation. The cards measure 3 1/8 X 4 1/2. After some research I found out this deck is out of print.

…but I did find this deck on bay selling for 24.95 US and at Amazon for a whopping $371.47 Cdn. (used)…

I used to have an Egyptian deck of cards way back in the 1970’s but traded them for some book I can’t even remember now.  I am intrigued with Egyptian mythology and had a regression done once which placed in the Temple of Isis. Weren’t we all there at one time, lol?

This deck has four suits and a major arcana just like the traditional Tarot, however there are different names.  For example: Crooks -swords/air, Flails- wands/fire, Sebas -pentacles/earth and Lotus- cups/water. Some of the names of the court cards are Destroyer, Savior, Mother Father.

I am looking forward to trying out this deck.

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