in the midst of chaos I found a treasure

I was on my way to choose the granite for mom’s monument when I glanced at the used bookstore in the plaza. I wondered to myself what are the chances of finding some Tarot cards there. I’ve looked many times over the years with the same result. Zilch. The owner always told me that they never get Oracle or Tarot cards of any type.

Something inside of me said, “Just go and look”. So I did knowing my appointment was a mere 15 minutes away.  I greeted the lady and said my usual line. “Any chance you would have Tarot cards today”. She smiled and said a lady brought a whole bunch in.  My heart started to race.  They were still in the box on the floor.  I was allowed to take everything out and put it on the counter.

I counted the cards to make sure all of them were in the deck. You never know if some are missing. The owner did not even have a chance to price them yet.  By time I counted the 3rd deck I knew deep in my heart the card/book sets would be ok.

I was almost afraid to ask the price because such treasures do not come so cheap even if it was a used bookstore.  I knew I wanted the whole lot.  In a coy fashion I asked the owner what she would want for everything. She threw a number at me.  Of course, I wasn’t prepared to pay that much but felt such a synchronistic moment and had a knowing. This knowing told me I’m suppose to have all the decks and card/book sets.

I paused thinking of the price. Then she said how about 15% off and I said, “deal”.

In the next post I will  name the cards and card/book sets.   Everything was on my wish list except one deck.  After reviewing this one deck, “Healing Cards” it was a message from the Universe that this deck is what I needed the most.

I dashed to my appointment feeling happy instead of sad.

…more to come…


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