mother & teenage son question for Shustah deck

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I had a question posed to me by a concerned young mother. Her teenage son has become distant (communication) and is very withdrawn. Her concern is whether or not her relationship with her son will improve over the next 6 months. When I first saw the cards this lady selected I pretty much knew there would be challenges in communication. I studied the cards to find some encouraging guidance even though the Closed Gate appeared to be a definite NO answer.


The premise or foundation of the question is clear.  This card suggests an emotional whipping.  When parents make an effort to try and bridge the gap often their energy is expended for nothing during that phase.  The problem could be her son has too much freedom and too much psychobabble.  Good old fashioned discipline is missing.  There are ways to punish children to teach them right from wrong and you certainly do not have to hurt them physically or emotionally. Many parents take away privileges.  I don’t think method is a solution because young kids have an uncanny way of breezing through such discipline. There are exceptions of course.

Perhaps the young man is unhappy due to the hormonal changes in his body, peer pressure or even acne. He could feel his mother is too strict in that she want to know everything he is doing or where he is going.  At this point I soused the mom out for more information so I could help her further.  We ruled out any mental handicaps and she did admit she was constantly on his case about loud music, late nights and unacceptable clothing.

Don’t forget when you are actually sitting down doing a reading you have already studied the cards in your mind and have preliminary summaries.  Some Readers do take one card at a time and talk about it in depth and don’t merge them all together until the Reading is completed.


The current situation is a problem according to this young mother.  The Swamp warns of an overload on many levels. Now is the time for mom to step back from her young son and give him some room to be an individual.  This card is surrounded by the red suit which points to hardships and challenges.  The task of trying a different approach is necessary to allow for a crossing of this phase.


In Manser’s accompanying book she states this card means NO.  Unless things change in the NOW the probable future shows hardly any improvement, in fact, a much more complex problem and definitely continued blockage in communication. It is the young mother’s desire to gain some control with her teenage son by opening the lines of communication to pacify her.  I don’t think it is her son’s responsibility to ease the mother’s controlling instincts. Maybe that is a bit harsh to say but letting a teenager find himself requires loosening the apron strings.


Closed Gate offers an opportunity at the same time.  There is a way through it.  I think this relationship between mother and son will go to another level despite the apparent prediction.  The son could bust through the Closed Gate and rebel. The mother could use her intuition to find a way through the obvious withdrawal.

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