Introducing- Simple Why Layout

Today’s topic will be a 2 card reading using the French Cartomancy Lenormand deck. A simple 2 card reading.
I have assigned Spot 1 (33. KEY) to represent the Why Card and Spot 2 (18. DOG) represents the Because Card. This layout is very easy to learn.


#33 Key / #18 Dog

There was no question asked.  The 2 cards were selected as a daily draw.

WHY CARD: spot 1

The KEY card suggests there could be some problem during the day. There will be a situation come up which will require some pondering to come up with a possible solution or decision.  The answer to the dilemma can be discovered.  Is there an explanation which should be forthcoming?  The  following card will tell you how the KEY’S energy will be utilized.


The DOG card reveals a person will be involved who appears to have contributed to the problem or is part of the solution. In fact, it would be this person who might be offering a reason for the dilemma in the first place.  The energy of the DOG card is positive and there will be an amicable turn of events during the day even if you started the day out on the wrong foot.

The SIMPLE WHY LAYOUT was designed to offer assistance when a yes or no answer is not the issue.

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