Symbolon cards reveal different perspective

I asked the Symbolon cards to reveal a different perspective regarding mom’s death.  The question I had in mind was this. What is it I am to learn from my mother’s death? There are obvious answers to this question but sometimes the cards, especially the Symbolon deck, shed a very profound message. This self-reading is part of my healing process.
The image below is the 3 card layout used in the LWB.  The Symbolon deck is illustrated in this post for it’s creative beauty and to demonstrate how the cards answer questions which often cannot be answered by the Tarot or other oracle cards.


Matter&Spirit*The Magician*Caring

Position 1: The Problem
MATTER AND SPIRIT – Puzzling description in the LWB as this card can represent a new age business.
Quote: “…the spiritual property which you carry does not really belong to you.  It has not yet begun the journey through the soul.”
I’ll have to meditate on this message a little further. Perhaps there is a clue to a direction I will take in the future which I cannot comprehend at this time.
Position 2: Way Through the Problem
THE MAGICIAN – A lot of time invested in conception and it is time for a sacrifice which will release the blocked energy within me.  Positive thinking.  Black and white magic.
In relation to the problem card I get the feeling I am suppose to carry through with some ideas I’ve had which have been put on a shelf temporarily.  Is my mother’s death a trigger to moving ahead with these ideas?
Position 3: The Outcome
CARING – some keywords for this card are sympathy, grief and caring. I can relate to the ‘helper syndrome’ phrase because in my spiritual work this is what I do – help others.
Quote: ” …mother/child relationship has been restored within you.”
This card gives me the message that I will take a real look at myself and my role as a caregiver. If this is the outcome then maybe I need to focus on a spiritual service which assist others through a similar journey.
SUMMARY:  The card which represented the problem position points to issues with the ego.  I really need to think through this MATTER & SPIRIT card and how it relates to the whole reading.  If the MAGICIAN card represents the vehicle of transmutation then it is within me to rise above my mom’s death so that I can perhaps focus on being a stronger force in my own relationship with my daughter and son.  Grandma is gone and my kids were extremely close to her.
The MAGICIAN card’s energy is the key to this whole reading.  Was my mom sacrificed for a reason unbeknown to me at this time.  Are my children involved?  I will ask another question in a different way to get more clarification on this reading.

One thought on “Symbolon cards reveal different perspective

  1. I love the Symbolon deck, but use it with care as the images are so strong and potent.

    If this were my reading and question, “What is it I am to learn from my mother’s death? ”

    – Matter is left behind when spirit returns to source and is welcomed Home. In spite of appearances , it is a joyous time and a beginning.
    – Magic . Alchemy . We are , each of us creators of our reality as Mother was of hers.
    – Nurture , care and love your own inner child, children and grandchildren. Children and grandchildren also teach you how to love and care for your own inner .

    Thank you for sharing , Namasté ! x

    P.S. As chance would have it , I drew the Caring card, YESTERDAY in answer to my question :” What is it that I really want ? “

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