Medicine Card BAT offers guidance

I decided to ask the Medicine Cards ( Jamie Sams & David Carson) expanded version for some guidance today.  I wasn’t really thinking of anything in particular and had hoped the card I selected would reveal where I’m at on a spiritual, emotional and intellectual level.

The card I drew is BAT. This card is in the expanded version published 1999 and in the original version 1988.  The image below is offered to demonstrate my personal journey of mourning my mother’s death.  I’d like to share my findings with you.


The following is a quote from the accompanying book.

“Sacred Bat…flew to me,

From the darkness of the cave.

Womb-like reflections,

Answers it gave.

Birth, death, rebirth,

Cycles of the whole…

Never-ending, just eclipsed,

The journey of the soul.”

I had the privilege of meeting David Carson in 2006 at the Just for the Health of It Prophets Conference in Vancouver, Canada.  I stood in a long line to get his book, “Crossing into Medicine Country” autographed.

If you want to purchase the deck/book please contact The Discovery of Power Through The Ways of Animals.


The guidance seems to be spot on.  I am suppose to release some of way of life that will no longer fit into my growth.  I am to let go of old habits and prepare myself for rebirthing.  If I resist these changes which are a part of my destiny I will experience much pain and it will take a long time to rise above it.  This is so true when you are in a grieving process.

Interestingly, the bat hangs upside down in the cave much like the position of a baby ready to emerge from the mother’s womb into this world.

BAT is advising me to do something special by celebrating mom’s life and to wish her well in her new home.  A home which we will all visit one day. Mom’s birthday is on June 17th and what a perfect time to do a ‘I love you and I let you go’ meditation by her gravesite.  Sounds easy enough.  And maybe this is how I will unlock the door to my sadness…and transform it into strength.

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