daily energy of Two Card Tarot reading

Ace Cups & The Star

Robin Wood Tarot image is used  to demonstrate daily reading.

ACE OF CUPS: The energy of this Ace is filled with emotional warmth.  There is a profound connectivity to aspects of love which can come through family and friendship bonding.  Meditate on the  heart inside the cup. Within this card lies the beginning of a healing process.

When reading a few cards for yourself don’t forget to make the meanings personal to your unique situation.

THE STAR: A card of renewed hope.  There is a healing energy which comes through Universal energy.  Meditate on the circle of stars. Any damaged or negative memories can be changed to the positive through the experience of the Ace of Cups.

COMBINATION: these 2 cards definitely suggest an emotional healing through situations and people which bring joy.  A loving day should unfold with strong, uplifting energy.  We are blessed to have this energy surrounding us today.  The last week or so has been utterly shocking with my mom’s sudden passing. Maybe she is one of the stars watching over us.

One thought on “daily energy of Two Card Tarot reading

  1. What lovely positive cards! As a matter of interest, I do always associate the stars in this card with souls in heaven (the large one being my own soul star and the others my soul family in heaven).

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