Choice Centered Tarot by Gail Fairfield

I was going through some boxes today labeled ‘fortune telling’ stuff. Most items are from 30-40 years ago. I kept everything. This is way, way before the Internet and snail mail was the way to do it.  I took so many correspondence courses. Quite of few of these courses offered a hard copy of a certificate of completion which I have.

I had a habit of writing to the authors once their books were published and always received a handwritten letter back. Of course, back then there were only a few pioneers who started to write about the Tarot, Parapsychology and other related topics. I think we have all been influenced or inspired by some of these ol’ gals (guys).

Well, today I stumbled on a book by Gail Fairfield called Choice Centered Tarot.  I took her correspondence course in 1982 one year after the book was on the market.  I think I will re-read this 116 page book and look at some of my course material which I still have as well.

1981. Published by Choice Centered Astrology and Tarot. Redmond, WA.

I have read Tarot since 1970. It’s been 28 years since first reading this book. Now I am curious to see how I receive the information.  I know she has authored Everyday Tarot since then and hope to pick that book up over the next week.  I still have $30 left on my $50 gift card from my favourite bookstore.

Could be a real eye opener?

You are never too experienced to keep learning.   🙂

The teacher appears when the student is ready even if you are a teacher.

2 thoughts on “Choice Centered Tarot by Gail Fairfield

  1. Wow that is a long you have been reading Tarot. I am really envious, I have so much to learn and I am very impatient.

    BTW I think Everyday Tarot is the same book as Choice Centered Tarot, they changed the title.

  2. If possible, you could scan the correspondence course and share it, please?
    I am studying the method of Fairfield and would be very important to me to have more material for his method.
    Thank you. I hope you enjoyed this request.

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