Lenormand Tree card

Traditionally the Lenormand Tree card represents health or well being. Many Lenormand Readers also suggest the Tree card can be interpreted to mean rooted or connected somehow to the person getting the reading or pertaining to a situation.

When I see this card in a layout I study the surrounding cards very carefully to determine if in actuality the theme is health related.

As with most cards you will find a meaning which resonates with you.

It’s good to know traditional associations as a foundation but this is not set in stone.  Often when I read new meanings come to me from an intuitive level and I follow it. When this happens you need to trust your own psychic awareness.  This happens to me frequently with the Tarot deck as well.

When combining the Tree card with other cards in the Lenormand deck keep in mind whether or not the theme is related to love, career, relationships  or money.  This is important because it is then that you will know which meaning of the Tree card to use.

A tree has roots. From this we can derive a simple meaning such as the past. Most trees lose their leaves once the weather gets colder. From this we can ascertain the card could represent a certain season of  the year.

When you look at the card what type of tree do you see besides the one in the image?  For example does the image change to an oak or weeping willow tree in your mind’s eye?  What does that mean to you? Do you see the  leaves falling?  Do you think the roots are rotting away?

Let your intuition guide the way.

3 thoughts on “Lenormand Tree card

  1. I pulled Tree + Woman + Man after a dream I had about a man that comes to me in my dreams quite a bit. I looked at it as a long-term healing process. The tree wasn’t between the man and woman so it was difficult for me to figure it out!

    • Hi Nicoleh7. Thank you for your comment. Sometimes I use the Tree card as the past..maybe a karmic connection or past life. Often the Tree card represent deep-rooted situations which could be translated in dream form. Do you know the man in your dreams? Seaqueen

  2. Yes, I know who he is. Your page is such a wonderful resource. I work with my Lenormand cards every day and keep a journal. I’m actually enjoying it more than Tarot! lol

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