Kipperkarten Living Room card

With so many cards to write about I sometimes forget to upload posts which were already drafted such as with the Kipperkarten deck.

The LIVING ROOM:  You can expect to receive some company. This can be in the form of a dinner party or family gathering.  This card represents a meeting of individuals  in the home.

This card can suggest someone is a homebody and who may not want to socialize much outside of the house.

When near a card such a Prison the meaning can become quite negative.  It could reveal the person is entrapped in a relationship and isn’t allowed much freedom.  Often this occurs when one of the partners is very controlling and jealous.

Usually the ones  involved in this gathering of people are a few close friends or family members.  Most likely there won’t be any strange faces and everyone knows everyone. Perhaps there will be announcement.

All in all the Living Room card promises  a good time.

2 thoughts on “Kipperkarten Living Room card

  1. hi I just got the mystical kipper deck. beautifl images. The problem I’m having is there is a main person card one female one male. Do I HAVE to use these as significators depending on the gender of the person the reading is for ?? or could these two cards just be part of being in the deck before laying cards out ? I’m confused on how to read these because I heard they MUST be read as a group of pair?? please help. can they be read in a celtic cross spread??

    thanks a bunch

    • Thank you for your comment/question. The main people cards are used as Significator cards when reading the Grand Tableau layout of 36 cards. Usually the reading begins with the female main person if you are a female getting the reading. If a male is getting the reading the main male card is the starting point.
      If you do a 3, 5 or 9 card layout you wouldn’t pull the main person card out of the deck, however, there are some layouts which have pre-selected position where the main person card is pulled. It all depends on the layout.
      My best advice to you is to learn a bit about each card, experiment with a few shorter layouts and follow your “gut”. If it feels right, then it is right, for you. Yes, it is common practice to read these and other sibilla style cards in groups. Groups of 3 or 4 will give you a sentence or statement about a topic. It’s the same method as Lenormand, Zigeuner, Art Deco, Beidermeir, etc. Pairs work well too but if you still have a question mark after combining two cards then more are needed to gain additonal information. Keep it very simple so that you do not get frustrated. If you read other cards then your “skills” are just as easily transferred keeping in mind Kippers are not Tarot.
      I have tested many, many decks in the Celtic Cross and was pleased with it. If you do the C.Cross layout just shuffle the entire deck but keep in mind that you are the main female card should it come out in the layout. I used to pull the Significator card out prior to shuffle in the Celtic cross but over the past several decades stopped doing that. My main reason was I wanted to see which of the 10 spots of the Celtic cross I would fall in but I still needed to know which card I was (Significator card). Hope that helps. Madame Seaqueen.

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