Widower + Widow



These 2 Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten cards are similar in meaning. Obviously the Widower represents a male and the Widow a female.  How would you read these cards if they are side by side in a layout?  There are a variety of combinations.

Actually they can suggest a couple. Both people may have lost partners either through divorce or death and they have joined for companionship in their latter years.  The couple can be younger as well with a similar history.

In the images the people are facing each other which means there is an amicable connection if we just study these 2 cards as if they were a 2 card draw.  A situation could have brought these two people together which was a tragedy or unpleasant experience.

They may actually be both attending the same funeral and are saddened by the loss of a friend/ loved one.

Let’s suppose you were thinking of love or romance when you drew these cards.  The suggestion is that you and the person you are thinking about have been estranged and neither of you is very happy about it.  There is hope that you will speak to each other again. You have a common interest which will bring you back together.

If you were thinking about a change of job these two cards would indicate a slow process. The timing could be off and maybe your reasons for wanting this change is rooted in a personal unhappiness rather than with the job.  These two cards can suggest being interviewed by a man and woman who have no sense of humour.  It’s strictly business with no room for expressing any human emotion.

The Widower and Widow are loyal people.  They are both a lot stronger than they appear.


4 thoughts on “Widower + Widow

  1. Hi Madame seaqueen,
    My question is :Will he and I work it out soon and be together as we are meant to be ?
    Cards i drew : Tarot Deck : Rider Waite.
    Spread :3cards past, present,future
    Cards are : Page of Wands ,Wheel of fortune,Page of Cups.

    PoW indicate they will work it out about their relationship which the wanted.
    WoF denotes the change in their love life which will be succeeded and positive.
    PoC says that they will unite which the couple wanted to be.
    Here PoW indicate the boy and PoC indicate the female
    And WoF suggests the success in their union.

    Any different guidance please.

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