Shustah cards are Ditto!

In the last post I asked whether or not a loved one would be released from the hospital within a few days of the reading.  Despite the doom and gloom prognosis of the medical team I just could not believe that the BIG WISH as the result card could be so wrong. I kept my faith and decided not to over react to any further information I received from the hospital.

A miraculous recovery.

Well, the BIG WISH  answer came true.

5 days later the loved one was released.  The JOURNEY card in the centre of the layout clearly pointed to progress and was a positive influence in the overall reading. The person improved each day and the medical team was surprised needless to say.  Progress to Recovery.


2 thoughts on “Shustah cards are Ditto!

  1. hola, soy de España,lo primero estoy feliz por la recuperacion de tu padre,rezamos todos juntos a la vez contigo,y lo segundo me encanta el nuevo look de tu pagina.
    deseando ver tus mensajes cada dia,aunque los tengo que traducir y me cuesta mas trabajo, pero no importa, lo vale, un besito.

    GOOGLE TRANSLATE: hello, I’m from Spain, the first thing I’m happy for the recovery of your father, we pray together at a time with you, and secondly I love the new look of your page.
    forward to seeing your posts every day, although I have to translate and it takes more work, but no matter, it is worth a little kiss.

    Greetings: Thank you for your kind words and prayers. I am a firm believer in the power of prayers.
    Thank you for your compliments and it makes brings me joy in my heart to know that you enjoy my articles on Cartomancy. Every once in awhile I do posts in different languages. The problem with this is some of the sentences do not make sense. I have noticed Spanish translates very well so I may dedicate a post to all the Spanish speaking readers of the blog. 🙂
    Hugs: Jozefa Seaqueen

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