Asking the Pages about career change.

I spoke to a female client this afternoon who is dissatisfied with her current job.  She applied for another position (career change) and completed her interview this morning.  I debated whether or not to do a Tarot celtic cross or just the 3 card draw using the Pages of Shustah deck. I knew she was interested in more direct guidance without getting into contributing factors which the Celtic cross would have revealed.

Blue Summer Angel. Yellow Witch Hazel Tree. Red Bed.

THE FOUNDATION:  Angel of Summer.

This Blue card’s influence is very positive around her question.  It is a card of success and indicates an answer or some further results from the interview taking place over the summer months.  Maybe the female will have another opportunity with the organization which is different than the actual job position she applied for.

The angel looks away from the layout.  My feeling on this is perhaps the female already has a good job and should not be looking at a career change.

THE SITUATION: Witch Hazel Tree.

This Yellow card’s influence surrounding the question asked and even the female’s current state of mind suggests she believes a career change is the answer.  This card promises a blossoming result.  It is important the client looks at the total picture of why she wants this career change.  Witch Hazel Tree also indicates to live in the here and now.


This Red card’s influence is not a positive result.  It does not say go for it nor does it suggest progression and movement.  Actually it depicts rest. The female could be dreaming of all the opportunities to increase her financial situation by landing this new job.  I feel this card indicates a very slow time where there will not be great headway made.


I think she may be tired of working at the current job she has and should address the issue of maintaining balance in her life first. In answer to the question I feel a ‘no’ answer coming at this current time but I do feel something else appearing during the summer months (Angel of Summer).  The female should wait before making any major career changes.


2 thoughts on “Asking the Pages about career change.

  1. That is an interesting looking deck, I have not seen it before…I will have to check it out. Not sure how you found my FB page but it is an honour to have you as a fan:-)

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