Simple Trigger Layout -question from Lilith

Comment & Question from Lilith

Dear Josefa,
I can say that I’ve learned a lot from you and the trigger layout. A great spread that I use most often. Thank you for all the info you are giving out.
I have been using the Lenormand for sometime now and wish to share a spread with you hoping for some help. It gets me a bit confused.
General reading no question asked.
Cards fell as follows :

Even I wasn’t asking a question I am a bit preoccupied with the thought of a man that I had a relationship with long time ago.

For me this spread says that there is a good possibility that we end up together again but what confuses me is the Snake and the Storks cards. He lives with another woman at the moment ( that fits the description of the Stork) and I wonder if that commitment (Ring) is with me or foretells that they will end up married.

Since the Ring falls above the Gent and after the Snake card (which is pointing to another woman), but the Gent is falling right after me I keep getting confused. I really need your help to determine who this commitment refers to.

I suppose that the Stork here means a return of a former partner or at least changes regarding that person or me.

Dear Lilith:

Thank you for you comments and questions.  Glad you enjoy using the Trigger Layout. You have brought up some really good questions/observations and I would like to give you some feedback which I hope sheds a different perspective on the cards in this layout. My interpretation is for learning purposes & I encourage the readers of this post to submit their comments in relation to the cards you selected.

Position 5 Trigger – PAST COLUMN
– after experiencing the root or foundational influences of the position 1, you are faced with the aura of the experience in the Trigger position card.
Here you will find a person or situation.  This card is behind the YOU person meaning it is a significant circumstance.  One must analyze position 8 to find out the resulting reactions.

The Trigger Card in the past column is the SCYTHE card.  In the past you experienced or were exposed to the influence of the SNAKE card.  Traditionally, this card suggests another woman. The situation indicates a severing which has begun despite the fact this GENTLEMAN is living with the woman you mentioned fitting the description of the STORK.  The resulting influence of these two cards is represented by the SHIP card which suggests progress or movement in a specific direction.

Position YOU Trigger -NOW COLUMN
-this card is a little different in that it represents the person getting the reading, an absent representation for another individual or for the more advanced students of this system -a situation.
The reading will begin HERE.  Actually the Trigger row is read, PAST, YOU, IMMEDIATE and SOON.  I know this sounds confusing but it is not, it is common sense.   You need to know who YOU is to be to interpret the cards properly.

I started with the Past column since we know the YOU card is you. 🙂 Above the LADY is the HEART card which suggests a love situation is very much on your mind. This card also shows that you are a very loving person with strong emotions. Beneath LADY lies the STARS card suggesting an experience of success. A very positive vibration with the STARS card.

Position 6 Trigger – IMMEDIATE COLUMN
-here the  YOU person is stepping into a scenario or circumstance within a few days or weeks (depending on the TIME you assign prior to shuffling).

The GENTLEMAN card follows LADY in the Trigger Row.  This mean you will see or talk to this man shortly after the reading was done. He is thinking of a situation involving commitment (RING). Note:  HEART, LADY, RING, GENTLEMAN is a tight box with no negative cards in between. This man is also somewhat attached to a situation which was already rooted (TREE) but will change based on the cards in the last column.

Position 7 Trigger- SOON COLUMN
– if the Trigger card is negative, what was thought to be a negative result (of the TRIGGER ROW cards)  will turn out good if the last card is positive.  The reverse is true as well.
The final TRIGGER position in the SOON COLUMN is a culmination of the cards in the TRIGGER ROW.
When you scan PAST, YOU, IMMEDIATE and SOON Trigger cards it holds  the answer in a nutshell.  If no question was asked, the cards revealed in this row will describe a situation you need to address whether you want to or not.

The final card in the Trigger row is the MOON.  This card suggests there is a strong female influence in the GENTLEMAN’s life which does not necessarily have to be the woman he is living with.  It could be a sister, mother, daughter or another female family member.  So how is the MOON’s influence the result/outcome in all of this? I want to read this card to mean anxiety or confused feelings because of memories of the past. (STORK beneath)

LILY points to solid family bonds, however, the STORK card is the last card in the layout which strongly suggests change as you mentioned.  The male in question does have a desire to escape (GENTLEMAN+MOON). Generally speaking the STORK brings the changes  of the card above or behind it. The STORK’s influence will uproot (TREE) the feelings (MOON) of certain past situations.  The GENTLEMAN will be re-assessing his feelings.

There is no indication of marriage within the time frame of this reading (1-3 months?). 

Just a thought -I think someone from your past will re-enter your life who perhaps left abruptly (Jack of Diamonds, SHIP) and who you may have had a romantic connection. (Jack of Diamonds+HEART).

The Trigger Layout©- instructions at *ASK my LAYOUTS*

Lilith's Layout

Simple Trigger Layout. © Madame Jozefa Seaqueen 2006-2010

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