Card of Day. Zigeuner Message.

Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten MESSAGE

This card is fairly straight forward to interpret.  It covers a variety of communications like the telephone, cells, emails, ichats and face to face conversations.  I drew MESSAGE yesterday morning but wanted to wait to do a follow-up post until the day was actually over.

The MESSAGE card can also suggest meeting new people and conversing with them.  You know the type of chitchat that goes on at party situations.  I did go to a house birthday party last night and met many new people.  Half way through the evening  I pulled out my miniature Tarot deck which is older than my oldest child and casually started shuffling them.


Well didn’t the Tarot cards capture people’s attentions. There was line up of ladies wanting to get a reading.  I stated the readings were just for fun and I would answer specific questions.  Of course, the majority of the ladies only knew me as Jozefa. The MESSAGE card fit into the night’s activities as information definitely was being exchanged & the Tarot cards were part of the messages given.

It seems the party energy changed afterwards because the ladies who I read for snapped out of their defensive modes.  Apparently some of their issues weighed heavily on them & I know they felt better after the readings.

The other point is that I do not know why people get intimidated by someone who is psychic or reads cards.

After all we are human, too.

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