Card of the Day. Zigeuner Sadness. Follow up

It rained all day.  I didn’t mind feeling the splatter of the raindrops as I darted to and from the vehicle while visiting my favourite bookstore.  My energy level was lower than usual but that is due to the restless night I experienced.  I just couldn’t get completely comfortable to have a good night’s sleep.  As a result I was tired and felt like the woman in the image of the SADNESS card.  I wouldn’t say I was sad but I was not happy either.

One minor event happened to a friend who told me he lost his wallet.  He was saddened by this because it is so much work to replace all the plastic carried in wallets these days. There was a larger amount of money involved as well.  When my friend relayed the message to me I felt the wallet was not lost but merely misplaced.

I did hear some sad news from a mother whose son was in the same hospital as my father.  Her 24 year old son developed severe pneumonia and was not going to survive long. The doctors were keeping him comfortable as in administering strong pain meds to alleviate the discomfort he was feeling. She was told he would not recover.  My heart went out to her and now that I think about it, yes, I was sad about what she was about to face.

it seems to me today was about various people

sharing sad experiences with me

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