Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten LOVE card.

The Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten (Ciganske Karte) is probably one of the more intriguing decks to read. Originally it was geared towards plain and simple fortune telling.  The meanings of the cards are more than just the pictorial representation.  They will mean different things to different people.  The common meanings for each card do not vary much. On occasion you will get a different insight or discover another meaning after the follow up process which I highly recommend.


As with most Sibilla style decks there is a card to represent Romance and the emotional state of the person getting the reading.

What are the circumstances around your love life?

Cute Cupid is at centre stage shooting his bow and arrow.  The arrow could already be heading for the target.  Cupid is prepared with many more arrows if the first one doesn’t deliver the message.  The surrounding cards will tell you what kind of message it is.

Generally, the 8 red roses of passion show strength of emotion.

The 4 red hearts promise a concrete intent.





Tip: When reading the LOVE card look to the card above and to the right of it to determine the strongest influence.  You can have as many as 8 cards to interpret when analyzing the LOVE card.  I find it is easier to read the horizontal and vertical cards when assessing LOVE.  Often I use the diagonal lines to thread past and future events which stem from the LOVE card. This technique will only work if you have enough cards in your layout to give you a block of cards surrounding the card which you want to know about.  It could be HOUSE or JOURNEY, etc.  Depending on what kind of mood I’m in I spot the theme immediately from only one adjoining card because it has a neon glow to it.   🙂

Many times the card in question is in the outer rows and columns.  I don’t know how many times I have done a full board layout only to find the card in question as the very last card in the last column.  In this case I fold the cards & do not read on that day.

3 thoughts on “Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten LOVE card.

  1. Hello Jozefa.

    Your’s blog is very special. Browsing it I saw you have a BW version of Zigeuner cards. You’ve said that you got it on ebay. Do you have any idea where could I find one of them?

    And….you one said you have uncle from Slovenia that has send you BW Zieguner death card or entire deck, I did not understand back then. Does it mean you speak Slovenian?



  2. Hello Borut,
    Thank You for your comment and compliment. The BW version was sent from my aunt in Slovenia about 35 years ago if memory serves me right. I did purchase another version on ebay. I have several decks and all of them are multi language. Should be easy to find. Just type the name into the Ebay search.
    Are you in Slovenia? Yes I do write and speak the language.
    Best regards,
    Jozefa Seaqueen

  3. Yes, I live and work in Slovenia.

    Finding BW version is a treasure hunting thing for me. I’m looking for them for around 10 years now with no results. With one eye I’m always looking on Ebay, but nobody seems to selling them. You are the first that I can see and hear from, that has BW version of them.

    It’s very nice to see you blogging about fortune telling cards. I will keep commenting in english, otherwise noone will understand what I am saying 🙂

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