Shustah trio provides possible answer

A question for the Pages of Shustah deck.

Will a loved one be released from hospital for the Easter weekend?


THE QUESTION/PREMISE:  The energy of the Magical Horse card suggests conflict in timing.  It’s a card of speed. Perhaps it is a bit premature for the release of a loved one out of the hospital.  The question here is whether or not the condition of the loved one can withstand a release even for a few days.

THE PROBLEM/SITUATION:  The energy of  the Death card indicates an ending or closure to the question asked.  This is a card of termination which might hint at a negative answer.  Death is such a powerful card it can affect the influence of the yellow card in the result spot.

THE RESULT/OUTCOME OF THE QUESTION:  The energy of the Spinning Top card is always a surprise or unexpected situation involving the question.  Manser writes in the accompanying book that there could be some shock involved.  Sometimes shock is a good thing especially if you aren’t expecting a positive result.

When I study the Death card combined with the Spinning Top card I get mixed feelings as to the answer to the question.

Looking just at the colors involved we have GREEN – progress & development, RED- disappointments & setbacks, YELLOW- spiritual awareness & gain.  All in all, judging the colors there could be some favourable news, however, I am wondering what the clown is hiding.

Green Horse & Death gives me an unsettled feeling.

There are 2 cards of speed Magical Horse & Spinning Top.

Is there something spinning out of control?

Will there be a crash?

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