Card of Day. Shustah Yellow 12. Golden Horse- follow up

Generally speaking Golden Horse manifested in a very positive way.  I was waiting for an answer to a favour which I requested several weeks back.  The affirmative results enabled me to conclude some plans.  I view this as a victory because without the cooperation of those involved the race would not have been won. This race I speak of does involve some unfinished projects and the connections with certain friends without having to worry about limited time I would have had under regular circumstances.

Plenty of Time to Finish the Race.

GOLDEN HORSE’s energy  is always a pleasant experience if there is a situation in which progress or movement towards goals is involved.  This card brought me success in other personal areas of my life which are equally as important as the recovery of a loved one in the family.

When your own mind is settled and you feel confident other challenges or setback are easily handled.


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