Card of the Day. Shustah Yellow 12. Golden Horse.

I drew a card from the Pages of Shustah deck early this morning and planned to blog about it but decided to draw another one a few minutes ago because the guidance of the former card already materialized.    🙂

This deck is truly amazing and I love working with it.

You can see from the image below the guidance and gifts of the Golden Horse has blessed the rest of the day/evening.


This card is encouraging.  It’s energy is highly positive and the suggestion is a victory of some sort.  Overcoming one’s worry about any situation or person is very much a victory.  To have a sense of peace within one’s own heart is the greatest blessing of all.  To see another human being with a smile is a joy.

To  have GOLDEN HORSE as a guidance card while running  the race of daily encounters is profoundly uplifting.

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