What do the Lenormand cards reveal?

What do the Lenormand cards reveal?

I am going to briefly interpret the 20 Lenormand cards belonging to a full board (36) reading.

The GENTLEMAN card is the significant other of the female LADY of this reading.  Here we can see that he may be keeping secrets BOOK from her regarding a possible health issue TREE. It looks like he may have gotten some news LETTER in the recent past which requires some further investigation or solutions KEY.  I want to read ANCHOR as something which is rooted TREE in his past and which could also involve a female STORK Queen of Hearts friend DOG.

The LADY represents the female getting the reading.  The BOOK card touches both the LADY and GENTLEMAN cards and means there is something hidden from the lady which involves the male. As you can see the dark  CLOUDS are ahead of  her in the immediate future column. The King of Clubs is looking towards the LADY card and I want to read this as an imminent situation coming up.  The RIDER is bringing some news or circumstance into the LADY’s life real soon.  Maybe even within the next few days.  I can’t help but think the GENTLEMAN has a strong association with this.

Is the RIDER bringing news of grief BIRDS and undue hardship CROSS?  Will there be a sudden SCYTHE turn of events from a situation which was not revealed BOOK to the female?

Let’s look at the HEART card next.  This card will reveal the female’s emotional situation.  It looks like there will be a fated event CROSS affecting her emotions HEART which will cause her much unbalance WHIP at the beginning of this circumstance.  Changes STORK are coming which could end up in a huge argument WHIP.  The LILY card hints at a romantic connection which will as a result end up in a decision PATH of which way to go after this episode is brought into the open.

When the BEAR card is near the HEART it does suggest a powerful attraction.  Another way to read BEAR is as a person, an older man.  Many Lenormand card Readers use the HEART card to actually represent the physical heart.  If you look back in the same row you can see the TREE card which does suggest health to a certain degree.  For the most part ANCHOR is positive, however, it can also mean something which will not go away like a disease.

I have a gut feeling the GENTLEMAN has a health issue TREE and the extent of it is not fully known BOOK.

Let’s examine the SCYTHE card next.  We all know this card can be very negative when connected to BIRDS,  CLOUDS and CROSS.  The only way we can read these cards in a positive way is to determine if the abrupt chaotic situation is beneficial in the long run.  Short term pain long term gain.

There is no doubt in my mind the female represented by the LADY is in for quite a disturbing time over the next few weeks or months.

Those are just a few possible predictions.  The cards reveal much more when you criss cross them or read just the rows or columns. Each card is a word of a sentence. When you establish the sentence you have a theme or probable prediction.

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