Relationship question – Pages of Shustah cards

PAGES OF SHUSTAH TRIO lends hope to relationship question.


What a great bunch of cards to get when someone asks about the unfoldment of their relationship.  The Angel of Summer promises success in the development of the connection.

This does not mean there may not be ups and downs or indecision involved as depicted by the centre Black Page – Libra.

The Angel of Summer is hinting at the season as a time frame  result. Better times are ahead if there currently is any type of emotional static. Libra does suggest there could be unsettled emotions.  Not  fully this way and not fully that way.

I love the Diamond card and always enjoy seeing it in a layout.  The first card rules the Premise of the Question as stated in the accompanying book.  From this we can deduce that this Blue card clearly indicates the relationship needs a little more polishing to shine.  Maybe the person involved in the question doesn’t see  they have a wonderful relationship.   Libra suggests there needs to be a little more cooperation to see the multi faceted light of the love between the two people.

The unfoldment of the relationship is protected by the Angel of Summer.  What a great gift she brings to the final spot in the layout.

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