Card of the Day. Lenormand CROSS+LETTER

DAY 21

36. CROSS and 27. LETTER

This duo above CROSS + LETTER gives me an unsettled feeling.

The CROSS card on it’s own can depict hardships (“cross to bear”).  This card does suggest a test of some sort.  A test can be anything from an exam to an actual X-ray.  I see the CROSS to signify an end or finalization but slightly different than the COFFIN card.  CROSS can stir up religious feelings in you.

A form of suffering which can lead to cleansing.

The LETTER card has the  familiar associations with any type of correspondence.  It can be quite casual without any major significance.  Coupled with the CROSS card this news will be of the utmost relevance and could point to a totally new direction or outcome.

Often the LETTER card represents official documentation like medical release forms, insurance related topics and even job rejection notifications.  This can mean just about anything.  It really depends on the card(s) next to it.

Maybe you are asking God

for a sign that He is hearing your Prayers.

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