Lenormand WHIP near DOG card

Every once in awhile I like to review my own posts from years ago. I revisited the Lenormand WHIP card a few days ago as it kept coming up in close proximity to the DOG card.  I wrote  a post last year using the Mystical Lenormand which can be viewed below and wanted to add a few more thoughts on the card.

The man in the image has a big club and a whip.  The client’s experience is like getting an emotional beating from the news she just received.  You will notice several religious symbols in the background suggesting faith is under scrutiny.  I think this card is portrayed in a rather spooky manner with the bat flying by.  There are many wonderful symbols you can study in this card.  It is a very emotional depiction.  Probably the client feels like someone just dropped a bomb on her.  The Whip card is all about being forced or coerced into a situation.  It suggests being ticked off and ready to fight or argue.

Looking closer at the image I get the sense the person who is represented by the DOG card could suffer from a martyr complex by being loyal to a situation which is emotionally detrimental to them.  Part of this could be from religious beliefs.

When there is self hatred or low self esteem involved the external circumstances will reinforce this.  The expression, “beating oneself up” is rooted in guilt and I think this is a form of self punishment.


In the image the male does hold a whip in his left hand but it appears as if he could be whipping himself.

What do you think?


One thought on “Lenormand WHIP near DOG card

  1. Hi Madame Seaqueen,

    It’s funny you have mentioned the Whip as connected to religion and punishment. In Brazil the Whip has also the meaning of “black magic” or even sexuality.


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