Card of Day. Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten. Some Money

March 16

Some Money

Can be a small raise or increase. Finding or having some loot you forgot about. Receiving a refund check, rebate, etc. In other situations this card suggests a positive influence, growth or advancement.  There can be discussions of minor financial situations.

The Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten deck is also known as the Gipsy Cards. SOME MONEY can indicate things of value which isn’t always about money.  It talks about the quality of situations or people.  Is someone’s intention dependable and in the highest good of all.

When you look at the card above you will see a closed purse on the table.  The billfold/wallet is open. The coins and bills are out in the open.   What else is in the purse?  The mirror can suggest Feng Shui positioning for prosperity.  It is believed if you place a mirror on currency it will increase. The mirror also indicates that which can be hidden from full view like the contents of the purse.

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