Card of the Day. Shustah Black 10 & Blue 1.

DAY 15 – March 16


I chose Black 10 – CAPRICORN from the Pages of Shustah deck© as the guidance card for Tuesday.  Blue 1 – TOTEM is the contributing influence for the day.  From past experience when I do these Card of the Day draws they sometimes reflect some personal circumstances which don’t necessarily involve my daily trips to the hospital.

I have  a strong astrological background which enables me to expand on the Black cards a bit more than the information offered by authors Manser/North in the accompanying book.

Before I continue I must apologize for the disappearance of the Language Translation links which used to be in the right side bar. When I changed to this theme I found several things missing and will try to include them as the weeks go on.  Also, I am attempting to condense the Categories a little more. When I started the *ASK my CARDS* blog 4 years ago my intention was to write tutorial posts mainly about about the Zigeuner Wahrsagekarten, Lenormand, other Sibillas style Oracles and the Tarot.  Those categories with only 1-2 posts will be moved to appropriate categories which hopefully will not cause any inconvenience in any links you may have on your website/blogs.

CAPRICORN is an earth sign generally associated with practical matters.  This sign is the ruler of House 10 which includes accomplishments, public status and career. Saturn brings a cooling characteristic to the sign of Capricorn.  At times difficult lessons are learned through another’s  experiences. Someone once said there is no room for emotions in business just a passion to achieve goals. The time frame begins usually on the first day of winter .

I think a person with characteristics attributed to Capricorn may cross my path tomorrow. I look at these situations as synchronicity. There are subtle message for me and I usually pay attention to what is said and more to what is not said.     🙂

TOTEM is a great card for family bonding.  This will include all kinds of relatives.  Will someone visit my dad who I haven’t seen in some time? I never know who will be there.  The Magical Image meaning in the book suggests this card is “of a group as a unit in which the individual is involved”. This could prove to be interesting.

Perhaps tomorrow will bring a situation in which some high (hopeful) goals are discussed which will involve a group of people.  So far your prayers are most helpful.  Thank you very much.

Comments: Thank you to each and every one of you for all your feedback.  I do read the comments but please bear with me if I don’t answer at this time.  It takes great discipline to continue blogging under these circumstances. I will continue because I find this process valuable and rewarding. Hope you enjoy the posts and discover something helpful.


One thought on “Card of the Day. Shustah Black 10 & Blue 1.

  1. No replies are ever needed – it does indeed require all your energy simply to cope, and especially to summon your focus for the blog. Just know that you have a quiet level of support humming through these posts.

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