Card of the Day. Lenormand Birds- follow up

Day 11 – Friday March 12

The BIRDS card brought in all kinds of minor news, updating and information which was not particularly significant.  Most of it I already knew.

I did, however, correspond with about a dozen people in Australia on behalf of a friend who is not skilled at typing. Many emails were sent and I learned a lot of interesting things about my friend’s former life in Aussieland, lol, all good.  🙂

The only thing different was perhaps the cancellation from one relative living out of town who did not make it to the hospital for a visit. This person has an almost 4 hour commute and was slightly under the weather to partake in travel this day.

I think the grief association with this card was the fact that I started thinking about all the what ifs surrounding this sudden and quite bizarre  set of circumstances surrounding the illness of my father.  The other thing I wondered about  is how extreme one day can be from the other.

I did not find any importance about the number 2 on this particular day.


One thought on “Card of the Day. Lenormand Birds- follow up

  1. Good, I’m glad the birds were just about chatter (pleasant chatter, at that!) and day-to-day matters.

    Yes, the kind of experience you’re going through is such a roller coaster ride because any given day can go from the best to the worst kind of experience within minutes – or both at once. It really tests ones mettle, that’s for sure.

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