Card of the Day. Lenormand Birds.

It’s just as well I forgot to draw a guidance card for today.  I am curious though what it would have been in lieu of all things considered.  I wish I could say it was an ok day but it wasn’t that great.  This entire process is like a pendulum with some days better than others.

Honestly, it’s hard to stay optimistic when you see a loved one suffering in so much pain.

Since I am Clairsentient, I, too,  feel the pain.

All I could do was to pray for God’s mercy.

Guidance card for tomorrow – The BIRDS

DAY 11


With so much updating news today I am a little apprehensive on what more can possibly be said tomorrow.  Medical people change things all the time and often do not even tell the patient why.  If I didn’t ask so many questions I would never know half the stuff I do.  I have found nurses have a limited amount of information even though we all may think they know more than they let on.  When one doctor changes something in scheduling meds or treatments other doctors who happen to be involved in a patient’s care have to follow suit.  I can see why there is so much confusion at times and why there are so many meetings.  As the main doc said today they are not God and they only go by statistics.

What about custom treating the patient – forget the statistics.

Getting back to the BIRDS card….. more news is coming.  Probably discussions. Traditionally, this card means grief or some situation causing sadness.  So much can happen overnight.

This card has associations with the #2 such as 2 of something or within a “2”. Birds are also messengers. They are the bringer of omens. There are different birds in the various versions of the Lenormand deck.  This makes it difficult to figure out if in actuality the type of birds makes any difference in the overall interpretation of this card.

Most cultural beliefs point to the BIRDS as representing the soul.  Perhaps I am going too deep in analyzing this card.  One’s intuition should be considered as well not just black and white meanings.

Maybe it just means…plain & simple…more news laced with a dash of grief?


2 thoughts on “Card of the Day. Lenormand Birds.

  1. Sometimes only the prayers are really the way. I hope tomorow can be a good day for you and your family!
    Kisses, and be ok and in peace, it is my prayer just now for you!
    By Dear!

  2. In the card you’ve scanned, the birds are swallows – maybe you’ll be getting some news that’s hard to take/swallow?

    I know something of what you’re going through, and it’s incredibly difficult. Doctors are always worried about making definitive statements, and heaven forbid they should actually deliver what they refer to as “false hope.” Andrew Weil, MD refers to the effect that this gloomy mindset has on patients as “medical hexing.” It’s possible to be realistic without being funereal, but that is not a skill taught in medical schools; and in any case, genuine realism includes space for surprises and even miracles.

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