Card of the Day. Lenormand Snake- follow up


One of the meanings of SNAKE is betrayal. I felt betrayed today by the doctors because they are offering treatments on one hand & bursting the bubble of faith on the other hand.  Most importantly these people are betraying my father.  It’s not about what they say… it’s about what they don’t say.  It could be this it could be that.

↔ Hogwash ↔

Being the confrontational person I am (moon in scorpio) I have a need to get to the bottom of things. I asked some hard questions about treatments and meds being given.   I could almost see certain people coiling up like a snake when they spoke to me.  I could see the forked tongues wagging much like a snake.

I feel some hasty information was given in response to my questions merely to pacifying me.

SNAKE definitely turned out to be verbal seduction for the sake of hiding the venomous truth which I could see in the eyes of those who spoke to me. Don’t get me wrong I certainly appreciate all the wonderful service from those who are servants of the medical profession.

At the same token there are Angels who take on a role to deliver

information you are suppose to hear.

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